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Artikel 112    Comparison of Water and Ethanol Vapour Sorption and Transport through a Polymer Membrane

Artikel 113    Experimental Determination of Multi-Component Vapour Sorption on Active Carbon by Combined Microgravimetry and Dynamic Sampling Mass Spectrometry

Artikel 114    Climatic Testing of Electrical Components

Artikel 115    The Study of Moisture Sorption into Polymer Films using the Response Test Method

Artikel 116    An Equilibrium and Kinetic Sorption Study of the Interaction of Amorphous Trehalose with Water Vapour

Artikel 117    Transmission, Sorption and Diffusivity: Methods for Determining the Transport of Water Vapour through Films

Artikel 118    The Characterisation of Gas Storage Media using the IGA System

Artikel 119    Measurement of the Water Sorption Properties of a Ritz Cracker Sample

Artikel 120    Moisture Sorption Analysis of Aspirin

Artikel 121    GVS Characterisation of Sorption and MTVR properties in Pharmaceutical Materials

Artikel 122    A Study of the Solubility and Diffusion Kinetics of CO2 in a Polyimide Film at Various Temperatures

Artikel 123    Comparison of Gravimetric Carbon Dioxide Compressibility Data with Four Cubic Equations of State

Artikel 124    Concentration Dependence of the Microscopic Mobility of Water in Polymer Membranes

Artikel 125    The Activation of LaNi5-H

Artikel 126    The Determination of the Pore Size Distribution of an Activated Carbon using Dubinin-Astakhov Analysis of CO2 Adsorption at 273 K

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